On Monday night of this week residents had the opportunity to go and eat at Bridgeway Stations and eat with a Professor.  Several residents attended this event, along with several professors.  Amy Nemmetz teaches the Intro to Criminal Justice Class and is a co-adviser for the Criminal Justice Living Learning Community, she also does many things with prison reform and restorative justice.  Nathaniel Forest is a former United States Marine, is currently a part-time Police Officer in Dodgeville, and will be teaching the Police Function class that the members of the CJ LLC will take next semester.  Grant Patient is a new professor to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.  He comes from the private side of criminal justice and he currently teaches the Interviewing class here on campus.  During this dinner the professors got a chance to better get to know and interact with members on a one on one basis and at the same time the students were able to ask valuable questions about both academics and about the past experiences of the professors.