Oofta, I hope yall had a great break! I bet you all missed all of my 3am emails…LOL!

Thanks to all who came bowling last Monday night – Kalie 2.0 + SO, Kaeli 1.0, Ashley + SO, Nick, Austin, Nicole, Abby Williams, Grant, Ariel, and Anna. We had lots of fun, even though we didn’t score very high (or at least I didn’t…). I love how this was an event we could all go to – probably the best program turn out in regards to the variety of people we got to show up! And didn’t we all have fun, even though we all don’t usually hang out together?! Bowling truly does bring everyone together ☺

Come stop by my room (or I’m at desk until 10PM tonight AND on call!) so we can swap spring break stories!

-RA Bethany