Dr. Laura Bayless

Hello 4 South,

Hope this Tuesday morning is treating yall well! It was beautiful when I went to Gwam to get coffee earlier — hopefully it stays that way.

Thank you to those of you who came to the program last night with guest Dr. Laura Bayless, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs – Abby F, Mikayla, Kaeli 1.0, Anna, Ariel, Kalie 2.0, Ashley, and of course one of MY FAVORITE residents of all time from the good old Rountree days, the one and only KATHRYN BARTELS (for pres). Even the program went kinda long, I hope you all enjoyed voicing your opinions and hearing Laura’s thoughts on the matter (and eating FREE PIZZA). I encourage all of you to go and speak with her if you feel so called – she is a WONDERFUL lady!

If you attended the program, please stop by my room sometime today or tomorrow to sign the thank you card. #Appreciated

Good luck with your day! Psalm 46:10

-RA Bethany


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