The Art of Complaining Effectively

Happy Wednesday 4 South! One day closer to Friday…and only 16 days until Easter break!!

Huge thanks goes out to Ben, Travis, and Brij for helping me put this board up tonight. Although some of the arrows are sketchy, the paper isn’t all straight, and there isn’t a boarder around the board…I hope you all can gain something from the board and tips it is conveying.

Moral of the story — if you have a problem, the best way to handle it is to GO TALK TO THE PEOPLE YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH! Of course, I will always be here to help and step in if needed, but if you can handle it on your own, please do so! This creates great life skills; your entire life will be filled with situations you may have to confront.

Thanks and good luck with the rest of your night. Don’t forget tonight we have Dr. Will LeSuer coming for Are You Smarter Than Your Professor at 7PM in the MPR.

-RA Bethany


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